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Since our foundation in 2006, Unison has grown from a small team of experts with a passion for processing solutions, to a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative liquid processing equipment, parts and machinery.

We manufacture and supply cutting-edge machinery and systems that solve real problems for our customers, specialising in pasteurizers, homogenisers, separators, heat exchangers, pumps and valves.

Unison is also revolutionising heat exchanger and tank testing with our ground-breaking Heat Exchanger Integrity Self-Testing (HEIST) and Tank Test+ systems – the world’s first fully automatic systems for integrity testing.

Liquid Processing Experts

Our engineers are curious by nature. When we see a problem, we think about how we can solve it. Instead of saying “that’s impossible”, we ask “how could it be done?”

It is through this approach that we are able to consistently solve problems for our customers in the liquid processing industry, and it is what has powered us towards winning multiple innovation and industry awards for our products.


Unison’s core values provide the foundation for all our business activities. Our core Mission is to provide innovative and effective process engineering solutions. With a focus on elevating the business of our clients by adhering to these values and delivering unrivalled innovation, efficiency and value.

Choose to reduce your risk of product
contamination. Choose less downtime, less
testing costs, less stress, increased productivity
and simpler production management. Unison’s
range of integrity tests can help.




Our planet is all we have, and protecting and preserving it is at the heart of many of our innovations. Our technologies promote a more responsible use of natural resources.

We constantly strive for better in the reduction of the environmental impact of industrial processes. We do this through improved energy efficiency and heat recovery, better water treatment and reduced emissions.


Paul Sheehan established Unison Engineering after leaving APV Ireland following 30 years service. In APV Paul worked in the design, sales and installation of pasteurizers and homogenisers.

Over the following years Unison grew from a service company into a manufacturer of innovative liquid processing equipment. We have amassed deep experience in the industry through years of developing and manufacturing processing products that solve real problems for our customers. This experience enables us to ask the right questions at the right times, and to use the answers that we receive to develop innovative, reliable, effective equipment for our customers.

We pride ourselves on being adaptable, with a “right first time” attitude and a commitment to impeccable customer service. Unison provides your business with customised solutions that reduce costs, improve quality, minimise downtime, accelerate production, and that are kinder to the environment.



How do we accomplish this? Well, a lot goes into it, but we could boil it down to three key inputs:


We invest heavily in research and development which provides insight, information, and knowledge, and enables us to deliver innovative, world-class products with the capacity to revolutionise the processing industry.


We develop products of superior quality, and always strive to exceed your expectations. Our engineers specialise in liquid processing, and they are committed to developing solutions which our customers can rely on. In short, our customers trust us absolutely.


We have adopted principles of continuous improvement, so our solutions go through rigorous tests and enhancements. This ensures we can continually deliver premium solutions which our customers have come to expect and rely on.

All of our products and services are rooted in exceptional design, superior engineering, quality craftsmanship and a custom approach which is focused on safety and efficiency. That is the Unison way.


We have been working with local and global clients for over 15 years, and we treat each client relationship as if it were our first.


Unison is proud to have built a strong network of international suppliers. Our professional relationships are important to us, and together we help each other to grow stronger and be better.



Arrabawn Dairies have been using Unison to service our Pasteurizers, Homogenisers and Storage tanks for the past 14 years. Unison does an excellent job, they are always punctual, professional and offer the most competitive rates in the industry. They provide 24hr support and can be onsite within an hour – this is critical to us, and why we use them, they are extremely dependent.

Maintenance Manager, Arrabawn Dairies


On purchasing the Cheese Milk Pasteurizer, I found it to be very user-friendly. The touch screen simplifies its use for operators. Prior and aftersales contact I have had with Unison and their staff has always been handled in a professional and courteous manner. I would have no hesitations recommending Unison Process Solutions for any future similar installations.

Ballylisk Dairies

The Mount

We are new to Milk Pasteurizing and would highly recommend Unison as a part of your dairy team. The pasteurizing unit is fantastic, highly efficient and easy to use. Excellent and trustworthy customer service and availability even during these tough pandemic restrictions. Nothing was too much trouble and we really appreciate all of the support.

Owner, Mount Farm

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