Unison Offer
Full Servicing, Repair and Refurbishment

of all your process equipment and their parts





Unison is a leading process equipment servicing, maintenance and reconditioning company for the Dairy, Beer, Beverage, Food, Artisan and Pharmaceutical industries. For our customers in Ireland, we offer a 24/7 rapid-response service, with a well-refined capability to react quickly to the service needs of your company.

At our service and repair centre based in Limerick we provide a range of mechanical and process equipment refurbishment solutions. The centre is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment required for all aspects of equipment repair and refurbishment. Our facilities also include an on-site machining workshop and a comprehensive stock of spare parts for the vast majority of process equipment. 

Combined with the unique skillset of our experienced engineers, Unison is perfectly positioned to be your trusted service partner.

Homogenizer Servicing

Our vast experience in the service of every leading model of homogenizer including HST, APV, SPX, Rannie, GEA Niro Soavi, BOS, Alfa Laval and many more ensures that we know exactly what homogenizing service and repair solutions are required for your business. Whether it is a general service or a complete refurbishment of a Homogenizer we have seen it all.

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Heat Exchanger Servicing

For our heat exchanger customers in Ireland, we offer a 24/7 rapid-response service, with a well-refined capability to react quickly to the service needs of your company. Unison’s team of highly skilled service engineers carry out routine maintenance and emergency repairs of all makes and models of heat exchangers, including API, Arsopi, Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Fischer, Sondex, Schmidt and many others.

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Valve Servicing

Beverage process machines have developed significantly over the years and at Unison, we have grown to understand this unique market in-depth. With many years of experience under our belts, we understand the challenges you face in what can be a very competitive environment. If you manufacture spirits, beers, liquors…

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Pump Servicing

We understand the needs of breweries of all sizes and have built up a solid reputation as the equipment provider of choice for brewers all over Ireland and beyond. From the fast-growing microbrewery sector to the demanding commercial and contract brewers, we can provide support at every stage of the process from enquiry to installation.

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of Servicing

We understand that for many of our customers, speed of response and reliable service is key to ensuring their production is maintained. Often items need to be repaired in a matter of hours. In the event of a breakdown, our service and repair centre allows us to be extremely flexible. Our team of dedicated engineers are experienced working to tight deadlines and often work through the night or weekend to ensure that components are repaired so customers experience little or no production downtime. 

For our service contract customers, our 24/7/365 Emergency call-out service ensures that in the event of an issue we have engineers on site to get your back up and running immediately allowing us to support you in any eventuality. 

Our service is not just about competitive rates — it’s about minimising expensive downtime as a result of breakdown and ensuring machinery is performing effectively and safely at all times. We respond quickly, and target resolution of the problem on the first visit.

Our expert repair and inspection service team are
consistently thorough, quick and professional.

Types of

Our engineers are multi-skilled, and each one of them is a specialist within a chosen field. This gives us the possibility of providing you with the right kind of service at the right time. We offer preventative maintenance contracts for entire sites where we take responsibility for all scheduling, servicing and record-keeping.

We also offer on-demand maintenance whenever you need it most. We can provide cover for maintenance engineers as a result of long-term absenteeism, holiday cover or even back up during major installations. We can be that additional employee for your workforce when you are under pressure.



At Unison we provide our customers in Ireland with 24/7 rapid breakdown service 365 days of the year specialising in:

  • Homogenizer Servicing

  • Heat Exchanger Servicing

  • Pasteurizer Testing and Servicing

  • Valve Servicing and Maintenance

  • Pump Servicing, Repair and Maintenance

  • Separators and Clarifiers Servicing

  • Filling, packaging and labelling equipment Servicing

  • Instrument Calibration

  • Non-destructive Integrity Testing for heat exchangers, pasteurizers and tanks

  • Planned Service/Maintenance Contracts

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

We also offer maintenance contracts for entire sites where we take responsibility for all scheduling, servicing and record keeping.


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Servicing with Unison
as your chosen partner

In Ireland, we support several different partner models that have one thing in common – we make it easy to work with us, grow your business and keep your customers uniquely happy. We pride ourselves on our servicing knowledge and our wide range of spare parts for all known brands of process equipment including Krones, GEA, Alfa Laval, APV, Arsopi, Fischer, Pasilac, Schmidt, Sondex, Swep, Tetra Pak, Tranter, and Vicarb. Working together we reduce production losses and the possibility of a product recall. We ensure peak performance by ensuring all equipment is working effectively and minimise the risk of unscheduled productions stops.

Why you should choose Unison as your equipment servicing partners?

  • Experienced service technicians

  • Maintenance and onsite repairs

  • 24/7 emergency coverage

  • Rapid turnaround to minimise production disruption

  • Free equipment inspection, followed by a full report and quote for repair

  • Full service available including on-site disassembly, reassembly, and integrity testing

  • On-site integrity test after servicing

  • A full inventory of spare parts

  • Supply genuine OEM parts, alternative spare parts available on request

  • Competitive pricing

  • Service center and refurbishment facility at our Limerick headquarters

Heat Exchanger
Integrity Testing

Speak to us to find out more about our automatic and engineer-led testing solutions