Commercial Brewing Equipment

Commercial Brewing Equipment

For all your commercial brewing equipment needs, you can depend on Unison to supply top-class solutions at a fair price. Whether it’s process equipment, servicing, or spare parts, our focus is always on developing new products and services to ensure you can continue to produce high quality beer products.

We understand the needs of breweries of all sizes and have built up a solid reputation as the equipment provider of choice for brewers all over Ireland and beyond. From the fast-growing microbrewery sector to the demanding commercial and contract brewers, we can provide support at every stage of the process from enquiry to installation. We will also design and deliver customised training, making sure you get full value for your investment in new machinery.

Our Range of Beer Brewing Equipment & Services

Brewing and processing beer is a detailed process that requires quality equipment and services. Thanks to our comprehensive understanding of this dynamic sector, we have developed a suite of products and services that will help you create an exceptional beer processing environment.

Complete Turnkey Projects

Unison Process Solutions provides turnkey design, fabrication, and installation of bespoke liquid processing, filling, and packaging systems for the Irish Dairy, Beverage, Beer, Food, and Pharmaceutical industries. Our multi-sectoral process expertise, along with experienced engineering and craft teams, enables us to work closely with you as our client. We take every possible step to ensure the solution we provide meets your company’s needs to the highest standard.

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We cater especially to artisan producers who are looking for a pasteurization solution that is both simple and affordable. Too often artisan producers are restricted by machinery that is too large for their requirement or instead settle for batch pasteurizers which are for the most part laborious and time consuming. Our pasteurizers are specifically designed to meet the needs of the small to medium sized producers ensuring product quality and taste are not compromised.

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Krones – Filling, Packaging and Labelling Equipment

We are sole distributor of Krones equipment in Ireland, the world’s leading manufacturer of filling technology, and packaging machines, all the way through to IT solutions. As a supplier of complete systems, Krones provides breweries, beverage producers, and companies from the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries all over the world with individual machines and with complete production lines.

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At Unison, we are a leading supplier and installer of tanks. We offer high-quality turnkey stainless steel tanks for the dairy, beer, food and pharmaceutical industries. Working with the world’s leading manufacturers, we offer a wide range of New and Used Tanks. Our range includes Storage tanks, Process tanks, Insulated Tanks, High Volume Silo Tanks, Industrial Tanks, Heating/Cooling tanks, Transfer Tanks and Fermentation Tanks.

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Water Recycling Systems

Save up to 3,000 L of water per hour, per machine. Our plug-and-play Water Saver Unit is a best-in-class water recycling system that reduces your costs by recovering and recycling water that would otherwise be discarded. Our system integrates with your existing systems to detect contaminated water, providing an early warning of any systematic problems before they have the chance to cause major damage. Applications include Homogeniser Cooling, Separator/Centrifuge, Vacuum Pumps, Pump Seal Lubrication amongst other applications.

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We work with leading chiller manufacturers to offer energy efficient process cooling solutions. Our products include both air cooled and water cooled chillers ranging in duties from 2.5kW to 2000kW.

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When reliability and safety in continuous operation is key for artisan producers, only the best will do. We take pride in being the sole distributors of Evoguard valves in Ireland. This comprehensive range of valves components offers solutions for all tasks in process technology. We also supply quality reconditioned valves from all the leading brands so no matter what your budget we will have a solution for you.

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Spare Parts

At our Limerick Service station in Ireland, we always ensure the stocking and holding of a large inventory of spare parts. Most spare parts are available on a next-day or same-day delivery. Our stock range includes spare parts for pasteurizers, homogenizers,  heat exchangers, pumps, separators, and valves, along with other types of process equipment. We provide genuine OEM spare parts, and offer you the option of alternative spare parts which feature the same 12-month guarantee.

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Wear-resistant and non-clogging pumps are a prerequisite for trouble-free operation for artisan producers. Quality and reliability come as standard with any of our pumps. As sole distributors of Evoguard pumps in Ireland – a KRONES affiliated company, decades of experience in line construction ensures the best solution for your requirements.

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We specialise in leading-edge separation and clarification technology for the artisan industry. As official distributors SPX Flow’s Seital Separation technologies. We take pride in being able to offer artisan producers simple to install and long-lasting equipment that allows the removal of suspended solids from liquids, separation of liquids with different specific gravities, recovery of valuable solids from liquid suspensions and de-watering of suspensions to increase concentration levels.

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Heat Exchangers

We work with market-leading manufacturers to supply hygienic and non-hygienic heat exchangers to processing companies of all sizes and sectors. We supply all makes of Heat Exchangers and gaskets including API, GEA Ecoflex, Arsopi, Alfa Laval, APV, Fischer, Tranter, Schmidt, Swed and more. As well as being a leading supplier of products and spare parts, we offer a complete service including installation, commissioning, servicing, and refurbishment.

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Integrity Testing

At Unison, we specialise in non-destructive plate and tubular heat exchanger and tank integrity testing along with holding time verification. Our innovative solutions enable your company to test key heat exchangers and tanks quickly and effectively, by utilising cutting-edge technology to reduce the risk of product contamination and costly recalls.

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Unison is a leading process equipment servicing, maintenance, and reconditioning company for the Dairy, Beer, Beverage, Food, Artisan, and Pharmaceutical industries. For our customers in Ireland, we offer a 24/7 rapid-response service, with a well-defined capability to react quickly to the service needs of your company. Combined with the unique skillset of our experienced engineers, Unison is perfectly positioned to be your trusted service partner.

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Leading Suppliers of Bespoke Brewing Solutions

At Unison, we work with a range of brewers and beer processing companies. From smaller sized microbreweries right through to large-scale brewing companies, we provide exceptional service, industry expertise, and more to deliver high quality bespoke brewing solutions.

Experts in the Beer Production Process

When it comes to beer production, we have a clear understanding of all the challenges involved and have built up a range of products and services to meet these challenges head on. With decades of experience in supplying processing equipment and support to companies of all sizes, we can offer you a fully-bespoke solution.



Arrabawn Dairies have been using Unison to service our Pasteurizers, Homogenisers and Storage tanks for the past 14 years. Unison does an excellent job, they are always punctual, professional and offer the most competitive rates in the industry. They provide 24hr support and can be onsite within an hour – this is critical to us, and why we use them, they are extremely dependent.

Maintenance Manager, Arrabawn Dairies


On purchasing the Cheese Milk Pasteurizer, I found it to be very user-friendly. The touch screen simplifies its use for operators. Prior and aftersales contact I have had with Unison and their staff has always been handled in a professional and courteous manner. I would have no hesitations recommending Unison Process Solutions for any future similar installations.

Ballylisk Dairies

The Mount

We are new to Milk Pasteurizing and would highly recommend Unison as a part of your dairy team. The pasteurizing unit is fantastic, highly efficient and easy to use. Excellent and trustworthy customer service and availability even during these tough pandemic restrictions. Nothing was too much trouble and we really appreciate all of the support.

Owner, Mount Farm