Milk Vending Machines

Get More Value for your milk by selling direct

Milk Vending Machines
for Dairy Farmers

Milk Vending Machines are becoming an increasingly popular choice for farmers in Ireland and the UK who are looking to diversify by selling their milk directly to customers.

Over the past few years we have been working closely with passionate and dedicated farmers to develop innovative equipment to help make their Milk Vending business a reality.

Here at Unison we provide a one-stop shop for everything you need to get into the Milk Vending industry. We have a range of innovative equipment including continuous flow (HTST) and batch pasteurisers, milk vending machines, glass bottles, chillers and complete Hygienic Room solutions.

Dairy Farmers in Ireland and the UK are seeing 5x more profit by selling direct!


DF Italia Milk Vending Machines

As the sole Irish distributors of DF Italia Milk Vending Machines, our unique expertise enables us to provide advice and guidance on how to get your product directly into the hands of your end customer.

DF Italia Milk Vending Machines are perfect for selling raw milk and pasteurised milk direct to the consumer. We supply various models ranging from 100 litres to modular systems for 1800 litres plus.

Our milk vending machines can be installed on or off farm, in supermarkets, and we even have some customers with machines installed in horse boxes! All these versatile milk vending dispensers require is an electrical connection to allow your customers to be able to buy your high-quality milk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing you to maximise your profit from your produce and hard work.

Features of our Milk Vending Machines

  • Refrigerated systems to keep temperature between 1°C and 4°C, ensuring the safety and quality of your milk.

  • High-density insulation to increase energy-saving

  • Dispenses milk without foaming

  • After each dispense the withdrawal area is sanitised with a steam jet to ensure hygiene

  • Front door enabling easy servicing and simple loading and replacement of milk tanks

  • Refrigerated area separated from the cash withdrawal compartment

  • Highly user-friendly for end customer use

  • Includes printer for customer receipts

  • Remote connectivity for alarms and reports via text message/email

  • Advanced reporting available on web app, including info on accounting, products stored, temperature, price changing and alarms, and more.

  • Compatibility with credit and debit card readers. Other payment systems can be implemented under request (e.g. pay via smartphone)

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Automatic milk dispenser MOD 100

A refrigerated unit which holds one 150 or 200L tank. Two pre-set quantities (500ml and 1L) and a simple coin payment system. Can also be fitted with an additional payment module making it suitable for card/contactless payments.


  • Temperature and alarm control
  • Stainless-steel round tank, 150/200 Litre capacity depending on the model.
  • The tank is equipped with 4 wheels (fixed on the tank) for easy movement
  • Manhole watertight seal.
  • Mechanical double paddle to mix the milk.
  • Motorized agitator.
  • Milk dosing pump fixed on the top of each tank.
  • Built-in stainless-steel waste tank for residues.
  • Milk pipe plant with connections, removable, for cleaning
  • Easy cleaning of tanks: Washing can be automated when connected a Unison pasteuriser.