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of Pasteurization

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Pasteurizers developed
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We are experts on pasteurization. At our production facility in Limerick, Unison Process Solutions manufacture top quality pasteurizers from 200 l/hr to 50,000 l/hr. Thanks to our many decades of experience, our engineers have developed systems that are innovate and cost effective.  Our pasteurizer range includes Milk Pasteurizers, Beer Pasteurizers, Cheese Pasteurizers, Egg Pasteurizers and Yoghurt Pasteurizers. Unison Pasteurizers can be modified to suit a wide variety of processing requirements products including Milk, Oat Milk, Cheese Milk, Egg, Juice, Cider, Beer, Wine, Cold Brew Coffee, Syrups, botanical water, cannabis, kombucha and much more.

All of our pasteurization systems are user-friendly, fully automatic and based on science backed processing methods and innovations. They are bespoke by design to accommodate the exact specifications and demands of our clients.


Less than 2000 L/Hr

Greater than 2000 L/Hr


Unison pasteurizers can be modified to suit a wide variety of processing requirements products including:

  • Milk

  • Cheese

  • Juice

  • Honey

  • Cider

  • Beer

  • Wine

  • Cold Brew Coffee

  • Syrups

  • Botanical Water

  • CBD

  • Flavoured Drinks

  • Kombucha

  • and much more

Pasteurization Systems
Suited To Your Needs

With wide ranging demands from oat milk pasteurization to milk vending pasteurizer, HTST pasteurizer to flash pasteurization. Unison’s pasteurization systems will adapt to your needs. Processing between 200 to 50,000 liters of liquid per hour, our continuous systems will save your company time, energy and money.


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Unison Pasteurization Systems

Unison automatic pasteurizers are stand-alone units with automatic control of pasteurization temperature, flow diversion and continuous data recording for traceability and quality systems.

Our unique design allows optimum high heat recovery for low operating costs. Our pasteurizers are also available with integrated dosing/mixing systems for speciality products and inline CIP systems. All pasteurizers are pre-assembled and factory-tested to allow speedy installation and commissioning on-site. We provide full support at every stage, from enquiry to installation. We also facilitate any necessary training for your workforce, ensuring each new pasteurizers runs without a hitch.

Our pasteurizers are fully certified to meet the following and are compliant with all worldwide pasteurizing standards.


Benefits of Unison Pasteurizers

  • Customised to suit customers exact requirements.

  • One machine can be programmed for multiple products or processes.

  • Can be integrated with additional equipment such as homogenizers, separators, tanks etc.

  • Easy and safe to use and maintain.

  • Fully automatic and user-friendly one touch control from start to finish

  • Easy operation via Touchscreen HMI Controlled PLC.

  • High quality finish with reliable components (We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our pasteurizers).

  • Low operating costs (Minimises energy consumption and includes heat recovery of up to 92%).

  • Production capacity is adjustable and can be preselected.

  • Continuous Pasteurization which ensures that the product gets to the market in a timely manner,

  • No need for manual cleaning – The pasteurizer includes a CIP (Clean in Place) system as standard. This system enables automated cleaning of the pasteurizer and connected sub-units, such as separator, homogenizer or tanks. The whole line can be cleaned with one CIP program, which is easily selected and started from PLC.

  • Electric (1 or 3 Phase power) or boiler supply heating. Product is heated at user selected temperature.

  • Minimum installation effort or commissioning requirement.

  • All data is recorded on an integrated SD card which holds up to three years information. A USB can be used for downloading daily charts for record keeping and analysis. All operations of the unit such as temperature, pressure, pump speed, valve position and alarms are recorded on the SD card.

All Unison pasteurizers
can be accessed remotely
By our customer service team*

This allows us to offer an extremely efficient after-sales and customer care service. If any problem arises with your Pasteurizer our technical support team can log into your system remotely and ensure that you get assistance on any queries.



remote access requirements must be specified before purchase

Products For
Liquid Pasteurization

Our expertise in cost effective design, bespoke manufacturing, automation, installation and after sales service has allowed us to be the manufacturer of choice for producers worldwide. We offer plug-and-play small/compact pasteurizers for amounts up to 2000 l/hr. We also manufacture bespoke pasteurizers from 1000 l/hr to 50,000 l/h

Customised compact pasteurizers for hassle free production

Our pasteurizers are designed specifically for producers with smaller volume requirements. They are user-friendly, fully automatic and the most cost-effective on the market.


Bespoke systems to save your company time, energy and money

We offer fully bespoke pasteurization systems that answer industry expectations for cost-effective design, bespoke manufacturing, automation, installation and after sales service.


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