Homogenizer Servicing

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Homogenizer Servicing

Unison is a leading process equipment servicing company for the Dairy, Beer, Beverage, Food, Artisan and Pharmaceutical industries. For our customers in Ireland, we offer a 24/7 rapid-response service, with a well-refined capability to react quickly to the service needs of your company.

Combined with the unique skillset of our experienced engineers, Unison is perfectly positioned to be your trusted service partner.

Our vast experience in the repair and service of every leading model of homogeniser including HST, APV, SPX, Rannie, GEA Niro Soavi, BOS, Alfa Laval and many more ensures that we know exactly what homogenizing solution is required for your business.

Importance of Servicing

Regular servicing is essential in minimising expensive downtime as a result of breakdown and ensuring machinery is performing effectively and safely at all times. But if a breakdown does happen we respond quickly, and target resolution of the problem on the first visit 24/7, 365 days a year. Our expert repair and inspection service team are consistently thorough, quick and professional.



Homogeniser Servicing with Unison as your chosen partner

In Ireland, we support several different partner models that have one thing in common – we make it easy to work with us, grow your business and keep your customers uniquely happy.

From one off emergency repairs to maintenance support contracts, Unison Process Solutions are the preferred Homogeniser service partner.

A complete homogeniser service includes:

  • Replacement of all wet end seals & gaskets

  • Draining of oil, followed by an oil and filter replacement

  • Full component inspection

  • Oil pressure check

  • Check pump valves, seats and packing adjusting ring for wear and replace if necessary*

  • Product pressure gauge inspection

  • Inspection of bearings for wear

  • LOP operation check

  • Running of homogeniser on water at normal working pressure to confirm all is in proper order

  • Customer is supplied with a full and concise report on the machine

  • From customer stock or supplied by Unison at extra cost

  • Free Service Replacement on homogenising valves*

*T&Cs apply

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