A World First 
for Milk Vending

with a smart complete hygienic 
pasteurizing solution

Unison – Making Milk Vending Easy

Previously dairy farmers looking to start vending had a very lengthy process ahead of them. High investments in both time and money were roadblocks to be navigated prior to getting the venture off the ground. Unison understood the challenged that farmers were being met with while looking for a complete hygienic pasteurization solution. The solution, a world first in milk vending is the award winning Smart Microdairy system, a cumulation of decades of experience, technology, and industry experience. This innovative system allows farmers to quickly and cost effectively get dairy vending up and running with installation taking less than one day.


Simple- no manual operation
milk vending for hassle free processing

Operating the Smart Microdairy unit is effortless and controlled remotely. Using the Smart Microdairy app on your phone or tablet has allowed farmers to control the system fully with just the touch of a button. On-farm processing is easier and quicker than ever. This no manual operation system ensures the farmer does not need to enter the clean room environment at any stage during the process ensuring product integrity and safety.


Smart MicroDairy is the
smarter choice for milk vending

For farmers seeking higher standard of pasteurized milk with all the benefits such as extended shelf life.  Our award winning, world first Smart MicroDairy system is quick to install, easy to use, environmentally friendly and fully tested, certified, and commissioned prior to delivery.


Unison pasteurizers can be modified to suit a wide variety of processing requirements products including:

  • Lower set up costs

  • 6.5 times lower operational costs

  • Environmentally friendly- reduced waste water, no disposable garments required and Heat recovery of up to 92%

  • Customer support via remote access

  • Reduced risk of contamination during pasteurization

  • Fully compliant with Dept. of Agriculture pasteurizing standards

Over 10 times Less Labour Required


Smart MicroDairy (Flash)

  1. Connect your raw milk pipe to the flow plate at the side of the unit
  2. Connect pasteurized milk line to milk dispenser
  3. Press start on the app.

Batch Pasteurizing

  1. Pump the raw milk into the batch pasteurizer
  2. An operator must turn off the pump
    when batch pasteurizer is full.
  3. Pump Milk from Batch Pasteurizer into holding tank
  4. Pump Milk from holding tank into vending machine tank
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Complete Smart Microdairy Unit including Processing Area and Point of Sale

This unit is for Farmers who are looking to process and dispense directly from their Farm. For farmers who want to sell on farm but also bring vending tanks to other locations this unit can be customised to suit.

100 – 1000 L/HR

  • Unison Flash Milk Pasteurizer with electric heating
    • Integrated overpressure system
    • Automatic holding time test system
    • Automatic diversion value check (Department of Agriculture Requirement)
    • Integrated CIP (Clean in place) system – the raw milk supply is externally-connected to the stainless steel flowplate with CIP return connection. Ability to wash up to 4 tanks.
  • HMI/PLC screen
  • Milk Vending Dispenser (With coin/card payment facility and text alert)
  • 200 L tank
  • Water chiller
  • Air compressor
  • Roller Shutter door for secure storage of vending machine milk tanks (Includes Ramp for easy access to milk tanks)
  • Air fan for ventilation
  • Lighting and plug sockets
  • Electric control panel
  • All piping and wiring
  • Integrated SD card for recording data
  • External Flowplate for connecting piping to SMD and CIP return

Smart MicroDairy is the Future 
of Milk Vending

With our patented Smart MicroDairy™ technology, we have eliminated the cost and hassle of setting up your milk vending business. Our innovative system can be installed in 1 day requiring only a concrete base, internet, electricity, drainage and water supply. Smart MicroDairy comes fully piped and wired for operational use. Tanks are connected to the dispenser so do not need to be moved at any stage meaning it is easier to clean. No additional structures such as garment change room or buildings are required. All recorded data is safe and secure recorded on an integrated SD card, holding up to three years information. All operations of the pasteurizer are recorded and can also be access daily for performance details.

Benefits of the Smart Microdairy (Flash Pasteurization)
vs Batch Pasteurization


Smart Microdairy

Heat recovery of up to 92% which is a significant saving in costly energy


Less energy efficient – Operating costs for a batch pasteurizer are 6.5 times higher.