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Over many years, we have built up a reputation as a leading supplier of all types of process pumps for the liquid processing industry. By combining our industry knowledge and expertise with first-class products and components, you know you can depend on Unison for impactful solutions.

We understand the challenges faced by companies in manufacturing environments and know the importance of minimising downtime and maintaining optimised production. From Centrifugal Pumps, Rotary Lobe Pumps (PD pumps), Scavenge Pumps (Liquid Ring), and Screw Pumps to APV Pumps, Air Diaphragm Pumps and Sinus Sodial Pumps, we offer a range of pumps to suit your requirements. While we are sole distributors for the KRONES Evoguard range, we also supply pumps from Alfa Laval, SPX, Ampco, APV, GEA, Waukesha, Fristam, SPX, Packo and many more.

Product focus:
Evoguard Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps

With a focus on innovation and engineering excellence, Evoguard has decades of experience in line construction when it comes to component development. Developed by the KRONES group, this is a product range designed and built with the needs of the beverage and food industry in mind.

All Evoguard components meet only the highest safety standards in product hygiene, quality, reliability, and energy efficiency. Optimal design and maximum process reliability is guaranteed with their innovative recirculation pumps. By combining first-class products from Evoguard with the customer focus of our engineering teams at Unison, we can offer processing companies of all sizes a made-to-measure solution.

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Innovation Focus

In a fast-changing manufacturing environment, we deploy innovative technology for valves, valve manifolds, and pumps used in process and filling technology

Component Quality

By supplying first-class components from KRONES, you are assured of only high quality pumps and associated components for your manufacturing environment We offer PLUG, PILOTED, and energy-saving Multigap valves for our HST homogenizers. Depending on the flow rate and valve size, the valves are controlled pneumatically or hydraulically.

Manufacturing Excellence

All pumps supplied have been developed and manufactured in accordance with the strictest In order to guarantee optimum running smoothness of the HST homogenizer, the piston geometry is individually designed on the basis of the process parameters specified. This has a noticeable positive effect on the noise emission of the homogenizer, as well as a significant reduction of pulsation in your downstream process.

Optimised efficiency

Modern manufacturing facilities demand very high efficiency rates and our range of pumps from all suppliers are sourced with this firmly in mind.

Easy to use

By making our products and components easy to use and deploy, everyday operations are more simple and straightforward for staff at all levels By using on-site superheated steam, condensate or even sterile water as a barrier in aseptic HST homogenizers, recontamination of your product can be eliminated.


In a time of rising material and energy prices, we understand the importance of supplying cost-effective equipment solutions, ensuring costs are controlled where possible.

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Evoguard Pumps

Reliable product feed in hygienic processes

  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • High surface quality due to parts made of solid material
  • Robust mechanical shaft seal according to EHEDG guidelines, modular and simple design
  • Energy saving because of high efficiency
  • Easy and fast maintenance
  • Sealing failure fast to detect