HEIST – The World’s first automatic testing system for Heat Exchangers and Pasteurizers

What is HEIST?

HEIST (Heat Exchanger Integrity Self Test) is the first system of its kind in the world – a patented, innovative, and cost-effective system that puts control of integrity testing in the hands of manufacturers.

Daily testing of pasteurizers, plate and tubular heat exchangers for cracks or other defects, gives liquid processing companies the opportunity to prevent contamination, ensure product quality, improve productivity and reduce downtime and costs. For pasteurizers, HEIST also carries out an automatic holding time test and diversion valve check daily.


Is Heat Exchanger Testing Important?

Manufacturers are all too aware that pasteurizers and heat exchangers are vulnerable to cracks and other defects during their lifespan. These defects can and do cause severe contamination leading to health problems for consumers, reputational damage, and costly product recalls.

Detecting these defects is necessary, but usually requires the equipment to be completely dismantled, causing costly downtime and loss of production.

Our cutting-edge technology puts the control in your hands, enabling quick and cost effective heat exchanger testing.

Automate Your Heat Exchanger Testing

Our revolutionary patented HEIST system is the most advanced integrity testing method on the market.

Our mission is simple: we want to reduce your downtime, save on your costs, and protect the environment, by delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to your everyday problems.

Putting Control In The Hands of Manufacturers

  • Non-destructive – no need to dismantle the heat exchanger pipes, resulting in minimal downtime and no damage to equipment.

  • Integrates into new and existing plate and tubular plate heat exchangers with minimum hassle and implementation cost.

  • Requires process water only, without the need for gas or other possible contaminants.

  • Capable of detecting cracked plate leaks to an accuracy of 50μm.

  • Digitises data to ensure accurate results and data integrity.

  • Can be used to improve waste product management

  • Automatically calculates Pasteurizing Units (PU) for beer production.

Revolutionising Heat Exchanger Testing Standards

  • The only system on the market capable of carrying out an integrity test, holding time verification and diversion valve check daily.

  • Offers an added layer of quality protection before each production run.

  • Immediate, on-the-spot integrity, holding time verification and diversion valve check results, every day prior to production.

  • Integrity certificate generated following each test.

Prevent Contamination With Daily Heat Exchanger Testing

Traditional overpressure systems provide valid and necessary protection for a pasteurizer, but they do not guarantee protection from cracked plates. To prevent contamination, testing should occur much more frequently than the industry standard of 4 times per year.

HEIST is set to become the standard-bearer for contamination prevention – by detecting cracked plates before they have the chance to cause any issues.

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