Holding Time Verification

Ensure your pasteurizer is holding your product at the correct temperature

Holding time verification is a method of testing used to ensure your pasteurizer is holding your product at the correct temperature for the correct duration.

It is crucial because it ensures that the product has been exposed to a specific temperature for a specific period of time, which is necessary for the destruction of harmful microorganisms and pathogens that may be present in the product. If the holding time is too short, the product may not have been adequately pasteurized, potentially leading to foodborne illness. On the other hand, if the holding time is too long, the product may become overheated, affecting its quality, flavour, and texture. Therefore, it’s essential to accurately verify the holding time to ensure the safety and quality of the product.

Our specially designed Pastest+ system allows us to verify your holding time with minimal downtime and using only process water.

Simplify your
Holding Time Verification

Automatic Heat Exchanger Testing with HEIST

The integrated HEIST system automatically tests pasteurizers, plate and tubular heat exchangers daily for cracks or other defects, with minimum downtime and maximum accuracy. HEIST is the first system of its kind in the world – a patented, innovative, and cost-effective system that puts control of integrity testing in the hands of manufacturers. For Pasteurizers HEIST can also carry out an automatic holding time verification and diversion valve check daily.

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Heat Exchanger Testing with Pastest+

Like HEIST, but without the automation. Pastest+ provides the same level of protection against cracked plates, but tests are run manually when desired rather than automatically at the start of each day. Validated by Campden BRI, the UK’s leading independent food and drink research organisation, Pastest+ is a non-destructive integrity and holding time test system for pasteurizers, plate and tubular heat exchangers.

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What happens in the event of a failed test result?

In the event of a holding time verification test fail we are able to offer a number of solutions to ensure that any issues are addressed and your pasteurizer is operating correctly. Our experienced service engineers will identify the cause of the failure and do their best to provide an on-site solution with minimal disruption. If this isn’t possible, we can offer maintenance, refurbishment or replacement solutions depending on the cause of the failed verification.

Holding time verification is one of many testing and inspection services we provide.