Instrument Calibration

Calibrated instruments for consistency, accuracy, and quality

Importance of Calibrating your instruments

Instrument calibration is important because it ensures that the instrument is accurate and reliable in its measurements. Over time, instruments can drift from their original calibration, which can result in inaccurate or inconsistent measurements. Calibrating instruments helps to ensure that they are performing within their specified tolerances and can provide reliable and consistent data. Additionally, many industries have regulations and standards that require regular calibration of instruments to ensure compliance with safety and quality requirements. Even the slightest variation can result in product loss, downtime or even product recall.

At Unison, we know how important the accuracy of your instrumentation is to the success of your business. Calibrating your instruments correctly will ensure your production is consistent, accurate and of the highest quality



Types of Calibration

Our engineers are multi-skilled, and each one of them is a specialist within a chosen field. This gives us the possibility of providing you with the right kind of service at the right time.

We carry out calibration of all makes and models of instrumentation.

  • Temperature Probes – RTD, Thermocouples, Chart recorders, Controllers

  • Pressure Sensors – Gauges, Transducers, Contents

  • Conductivity Probes

  • Flow Meters – Mechanical, Electronic

  • Lab Centrifuges