How do we accomplish this? Well, a lot goes into it, but we could boil it down to three key inputs:


We invest heavily in research and development which provides insight, information, and knowledge, and enables us to deliver innovative, world-class products with the capacity to revolutionise the processing industry.


We develop products of superior quality, and always strive to exceed your expectations. Our engineers specialise in liquid processing, and they are committed to developing solutions which our customers can rely on. In short, our customers trust us absolutely.


We have adopted principles of continuous improvement, so our solutions go through rigorous tests and enhancements. This ensures we can continually deliver premium solutions which our customers have come to expect and rely on.

All of our products and services are rooted in exceptional design, superior engineering, quality craftsmanship and a custom approach which is focused on safety and efficiency. That is the Unison way.

Always Innovating,
Always Customer Focussed

Since our foundation in 2006, Unison has grown from a small team of experts with a passion for processing solutions, to a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative liquid processing equipment, parts and machinery.

We manufacture and supply cutting-edge machinery and systems that solve real problems for our customers, specialising in pasteurisers, homogenisers, separators, heat exchangers, pumps and valves.

Unison is also revolutionising heat exchanger and tank testing with our ground-breaking Heat Exchanger Integrity Self-Testing (HEIST) and Tank Test+ systems – the world’s first fully automatic systems for integrity testing.

Liquid Processing Experts

Our engineers are curious by nature. When we see a problem,
we think about how we can solve it. Instead of saying “that’s
impossible”, we ask “how could it be done?”

It is through this approach that we are able to consistently solve
problems for our customers in the liquid processing industry,
and it is what has powered us towards winning multiple
innovation and industry awards for our products.

Benefits of Flash Pasteurisation
vs Batch Pasteurisation


Heat recovery of up to 92% which is a significant saving in costly energy


Less energy efficient – Operating costs for a batch pasteurizer are 6.5 times higher.

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Capacity: 200 L/Hr

Dimensions: 850Mm X 1,300Mm X 1,100Mm

Electric/Boiler Heater Output: – 5 Kw

Temperature: – 92°C

200 L/Hr Compact

Fully Automatic HTST/Flash pasteuriser manufactured to suit a variety of processing requirements and products including milk, cheese, juice, honey, beer, oat milk, wine, cold brew coffee, syrups, botanical water, CBD, Flavoured drinks, kombucha and egg.

  • Fully automatic and user-friendly one touch control from start to finish.
  • Electric (1 or 3 Phase power) or boiler supply heating. Product is heated at user selected temperature.
  • Up to 3 times faster than a batch pasteuriser.
  • Production capacity is adjustable and can be preselected.
  • Heat recovery of up to 92%.
  • Easy operation via Touchscreen HMI Controlled PLC.
  • All data is recorded on an integrated SD card which holds up to three years information. A USB can be used for downloading daily charts for record keeping and analysis. All operations of the unit such as temperature, pressure, pump speed, valve position and alarms are recorded on the SD card.
  • Continuous Pasteurisation which ensures that the product gets to the market in a timely manner.
  • Clean in place (CIP system) – no need for manual cleaning. Can also be used to clean accompanying tanks.