ESL Valves

Evoguard ESL Valves

Unison is proud to stock the Evoguard product series for vales, pumps and vessel dome fittings. The Evoguard ESL program fulfils the requirements on valve series in hygiene class IV. Its area of application comprises sensitive refreshment drinks without preservatives, as well as drinks distributed outside of the cold chain. New and innovative design details make both the seat valve and the double seat mixproof valve exceptionally conscientious guardians of product safety.


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ESL Valves


For sensitive beverages without preservatives and beverages
distributed outside of the cold chain

  • Cost-attractive design, suitable for ESL applications
  • Rotational decoupling on linkage between valve shaft and actuator for torsion-free lift motion of the valve disk
  • Suitable for all products and cleaning agents (sealant material: PTFE compound)
  • Optimum cleaning conditions
  • Free cross-sectional areas in relation to the pipe diameter
  • Designed for up to 500,000 switching cycles