Hygienic Valves

Evoguard Hygienic Valves

Unison is proud to stock the Evoguard product series for vales, pumps and vessel dome fittings. The Evoguard valve series integrates all current demands placed on sealing quality and service life as well as on hygiene.

Only strong and reliable components are good enough for your line. The Evoguard valve series comprises a modular system of components that contributes to a high performance all over the production line.



evoguard valves
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Valves For Shutting Off


Inexpensive shut-off fitting in the hygienic product and CIP section

  • Solidly designed valve disk
  • Safe guidance of the disk thanks to bushes in the housing
  • Seal with a small volume and extension gaps for compensating temperature expansion
  • Seal flush against the housing, bevelled seat ensures that the disk opens and closes securely with minimal wear
  • Reliable sealing over the entire temperature range
  • Innovative seal design and composition of the elastomer according to the latest research findings
  • Easy installation with different connection variants
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Valves For Shutting Off and Blocking

evoguard valve bl


Used as an economical shut-off device for separation of incompatible media in CIP applications

–    Installation in horizontal pipelines without height difference

–    All other constructional details are the same as with the butterfly valve

–    Nominal diameters DN 25 to DN 150

–    2-disk concept

  •     both disks are switched by a common device and a single actuator

–    Safety chamber between the disks is equipped with 2 pneumatic flushing valves for complete drainage of the leakage chamber

–    Function: leakage butterfly valve NC in closed position, flushing valves NO in open position

  •     With activation of air pressure, first the flushing valves close, then the leakage butterfly valve goes into open position

–    Seal material EPDM / FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600 Optionally HNBR, FKM, VMQ

–    Actuator maintenance-free, designed to 1,000,000 cycles